Medical Services

The assistants, the doctor and the physician assistant jointly provide the care in our practice. Our physician assistant (POH) is trained to independently treat people with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, asthma and COPD. The assistants in our practice provide help with many things. You can contact them, amongst other things, for appointments, telephone advice, referral letters, authorizations and urine tests. By appointment they also provide various medical treatments. All employees are bound by professional secrecy and work in consultation with the doctor.

Please find below a (non exhaustive) list of  the different treatments, examinations and operations we perform.


We accept new patients. You can register online or you can come by and fill out our registration form.


Consultations every business day
Evening consultations
Plan your appointment online
All primary care
Phone and E-consultations
Online labaratory results
First aid
Ear irrigation
Urine tests
Mole / birthmark examination
Preventive medical examination

Intra-uterine device insertion
Pap smear / Smear test
Electrocardiagram / Heart recordings
Spirometry tests
Taking blood samples / blood tests
Removing stitches
(24hr) blood pressure
Minor surgical operations
Wart treatment with nitrogen
Varicose vein treatment