Registration form

Please contact our assistant to register yourself at our General Practice. We are only open for patients who live within 10 minutes by bike from the Sweelinckplein. Please note that patients who do not have a Dutch health insurance policy will be charged directly for the costs of our services. 


Dutch health insurance
If you have Dutch health insurance we will charge all costs for our services directly to your insurer. Most costs are fully covered. Certain procedures, prescribed medication, blood tests etc. are settled with your obligatory own risk.

No Dutch health insurance
We charge a fixed fee which is set by the Dutch Healthcare Regulatory Institutions for every service based on time spent. Payments can be made directly through our payment terminal or by invoice. In most cases you can reclaim the costs with your health insurance.

2019 Tariffs
1. Less than 5 minutes € 14,65
2. Between 5 minutes and 20 minutes € 29,31
3. More than 20 minutes € 58,62
4. No Show: If you do not cancel an appointment for a consultation and you do not show up we charge € 29,31 for the time reserved.