Your General Practitioner in The Hague at the Sweelinckplein CENTRALLY LOCATED IN THE HAGUE REGISTER Consultation hours on all working days in the year APPOINTMENTS APPOINTMENT You can choose whether you prefer a female or a male doctor TEAM TEAM Good quality individual patient care consistent with modern standards HEALTCARE SERVICES PRIMARY CARE


– Your GP in The Hague at the Sweelinckplein in Duinoord –
– Centrally located in between the Zeehelden-, Regentesse-, Statenkwartier and Bomenbuurt area-

In our General Practice our team of doctors and assistents delivers good quality individual patient care, providing all standard core primary care services consistent with modern standards, while maintaining the traditional values of trust and continuity of a named family doctor

Our Healthcare Services

Consultations every business day
Evening consultations
Plan your appointment online
All primary care
Phone and E-consultations
Online labaratory results
First aid
Ear irrigation
Urine tests
Mole / birthmark examination
Preventive medical examination

Intra-uterine device insertion
Pap smear / Smear test
Electrocardiagram / Heart recordings
Spirometry tests
Taking blood samples / blood tests
Removing stitches
(24hr) blood pressure
Minor surgical operations
Wart treatment with nitrogen
Varicose vein treatment

Contact information

Huisarts Den Haag Sweelinckplein

Directions and contact info

The practice is located on the corner of the Sweelinckplein and the Reinkenstraat centrally in the Duinoord neighbourhood. You can get there easily by car, bike or public transport using the Groot Hertoginnelaan, Laan van Meerdervoort and Koningin Emmakade. Parking is free during the day.


Sweelinckplein 45
2517GP Den Haag
The waiting room is on the 1st floor


 070 – 3454522
  070 – 3467189
We are open all business days between 08:00 en 17:00 uur. ( from 16:00 only emergencies )

Doctor consultations

Every business day by appointment
On thursday we have evening consultations

Urgent care

Urgent care outside opening hours of the practice
(evening, night and weekend)